Author identifier idHAL and CV

What is my IdHAL

IdHALs are unique identifiers generated by HAL. It can be used by an identified user, known in HAL as an author, to associate all the various forms under which this name was entered in HAL (e.g., J. Doe, John Doe, John K. Doe, etc.) to one default name.
A so-called idHAL is assigned to one profile, i.e. the default author form chosen for the idHAL will be displayed during a deposit if in the deposit form the « Default author » box is checked as « yes ».
An IdHAL associates all name forms, but does not merge them.
The Author reference list is then updated with this idHAL for each form of this author’s name.
The idHAL is used to create the author’s CV.

Creating one’s IdHAL