Check of the deposits

All deposits with a file are checked manually before they are put online. Bibliographic references are put online immediately, without check.

This step ensures that the files and metadata describing them, freely accessible on the internet, are usable by any user. The user must indeed be able to open and /or download the file, read the full text of the document, use it in the respect of intellectual property and have accurate bibliographic information.

Moderation checks that deposits fulfill these conditions as well as possible. Depending on the number of deposits to be processed, the time to put them online may take a few days.

HAL guarantees the reader free access to published or unpublished research-level scientific documents. The content of the texts is in no way  scientifically evaluated before being put online. However, the verification step makes it possible to identify texts that do not correspond to the standards of the different disciplinary communities.

The following items are verified:

  • file integrity: the file may be corrupted after downloading
  • correspondence between the contents of the file and the metadata: the metadata describes the contents of the deposited file
  • the file contains the full text of the document: summaries of books, abstracts, extracts of documents are not accepted
  • the file mentions the name of the author (s)
  • compliance with Publisher’s Policy for Published Documents (see Legal aspects)

If any of these criteria do not match, the applicant receives a request for change. To make the change, from My Space / My Deposits, select the document and choose “Edit” tool. Then make the requested changes and save.