Metadata for the document description

Duplicable entry fields

Duplicable field are shown with a  . Type in the first value and then click on  .

Multilingual entry field : title, subtitle, abstract, keywords

The title, subtitle, abstract and keywords entry fields can be typed in several languages.
Non-latin script is accepted.

Example with the title :


NB : for the special characters, use the code of the character. See the list for example here :

Entry fields related to a framework of reference material: journals; French National Research Agency programs (ANR) and EU programs

The Journal, ANR programs and EU programs are linked to reference material.
For a journal, as you start typing the title or a word in the journal title, a list of existing journal titles comes up :

Select the title matching yours or click on “new” to create a new title.

For an ANR or EU programme, start typing the title or acronym and select the matching program name :

If the program is not listed in the reference material, click on “new” and fill in the form.

The color codes used in the listings :
  Green: valid form. Note that it is better to choose a valid form. For an affiliation or a journal, the form has been verified, completed and validated. For an author: the author created his idHAL and the valid form is the one preferred by the author himself.
  Yellow: no longer exists for a journal, closed for a laboratory. You can choose the item if it corresponds to the data in your repository: the form has simply been checked and updated in the listing. For an author, the yellow form corresponds to an author form associated with an idHAL but it is not the preferred form chosen by the author.
  Red: not verified.


The Keywords entry field is multilingual. Non-latin script is accepted.
Type several keywords (with a comma [,] or semicolon [;] as a separator).

Example :

A “JEL” keyword field is displayed if among the disciplines “Humanities and Social Sciences/Economies and finances” or “Quantitative Finance” have been selected.
A “MESH” keyword field is displayed, if the discipline “Life Sciences” or one of its subfields has been selected.

Classifications : ACM, JEL

Select the classification pertaining to the discipline.
ACM : AnACM classification entry field is displayed if the field “Computer Science” has been selected.

JEL : A JEL classification entry field is displayed if the field “”Humanities and Social Sciences/Economies and finances” or “Quantitative Finance” have been selected

Example with JEL :