Before starting

Deposits should be made with the prior consent of co-authors.
If you deposit a file produced by a publisher (publisher reprint, a file downloaded from the publisher’s website, or a digital copy of a printed original), make sure you are allowed to do so, either by asking for the publisher’s permission or by consulting websites listing their policies (Sherpa, Dulcinea).

How to deposit


Automatic metadata retrieval

HAL retrieves the metadata to complete the filing from:

After the extracting process, a page lists the retrieved metadata:

  • if you have uploaded several files, the data must be extracted from the main file: select the main file to be extracted by clicking the button next to the file name.
  • the extraction service does not work on scanned files
  • if no metadata is retrieved from the doi: either the identifier is incorrect, or the publisher has not or has not yet provided the metadata to CrossRef.

Required metadata

The table below lists the required metadata for a deposit to be complete. If you want to add more information, click the detailed view in the “Complete the document’s metadata” section.



Required metadata Document type



Fulltext language


Aat least one affiliation

The domain that is automatically displayed is the domain you selected in your profile (My Deposit Preferences)
Document-specific required metadata Article : Journal title, publication date
Conference paper, poster : Conference title, Start conference date, City, Country
Book, Direction of work or proceeding  : publication date
Book section : Book title, publication date To add the author(s) who coordinated / edited the book, display the complete list of metadata and use the field “Scientific editor”
Patent : date, patent n°, Country Bibliographic record only (it is  not possible to upload a file)
Other publications : description, publication date You can specify with the type of the publication  : blog post, book review, dictionary notice, translation
Preprint, working paper : – The publication date is the deposit date. If you wish to add a date, display the complete list of metadata and use the field « Production date »
Report : Report type (research report, technical report, etc), institution
These : title, defense date, abstract, keywords, Establishment providing the course, Thesis supervisor

 File deposit is required

HDR : title, defense date, abstract, keywords, Establishment providing the course, jury president
Lecture : Course date, Country, Course level
Photos : shooting date, keywords, licence, type, country
Map : creation date,licence, country
Video, audio : recording date, licence


How to complete metadatas

Click on  the indicated section(s)  in red and then complete the missing informations.

How to complete the author’s affiliation : type the entity’s name or code and  select it in the list :

Preferably use a green or yellow item.
These metadata are related to a reference material :

  • green : valid, verified.
  • yellow : closed. You can select the item if it matches the metadata. The item has been verified and updated in the reference material.
  • red : to be validated.

Viewing the citation before saving

If the deposit is complete, the citation is displayed. Check the conditions to register your deposit:

By depositing this document, the contributor (I) grant(s) the following licence to HAL:
 I authorize HAL to put this article online and distribute it;
 I am aware that deposits cannot be deleted once accepted;
 I understand that HAL reserves the right to reclassify or reject all deposits.

How to correct

If you find errors in the citation, click on the heading of the “Complete Document Metadata” section to view the metadata and make your changes.

How to complete with other metadata

Each section (file, document, author) has a detailed view that displays options or a complete list of metadata. You can thus complete your deposit (before it is put online or once it is online).

You can choose the default detailed view by selecting it in your submission preferences available in your profile.

Please note: All deposits with a file (full text, appendix, image, map, video, sound) are checked before they are put online. In My Space/My Deposits, they are listed in the Pending Documents section: you can view or delete them, but you can not edit them. Depending on the number of deposits to be processed, it can take few days to treat yours. See Check of the deposits