Legal aspects

Contributor obligations

Self-archiving must comply with the provisions of Intellectual Property rules and legislation.
If the publication has several authors, the contributor must obtain consent from all authors.
If the deposit is a published article, the contributor must obtain the publisher’s authorization or check the publisher’s policy if it is made public.
Copyright issues cover the published document, but also any of its illustrations (photographs, images, maps, etc.).

The contributor accepts HAL’s conditions :

  • He/she grants an authorization to HAL to post and disseminate the deposited document online,
  • He/she acknowledges to be aware that deposits that, once accepted, deposits cannot be withdrawn,
  • He/she understand that HAL reserves the right to reclassify or discard any deposit.

* Preprint: this is the document version, not a document type. If you deposit the preprint version of a published article, you must choose  “Article in a journal”: the title of the journal can thus be completed. The publication type “Preprint / working document” is used for unpublished document
** French Digital Bill (art 30) : It applies to all scientific writing resulting from a research activity financed at least half from public funds and published in a journal published at least once a year
*** If you downloaded the file from the publisher’s site without paying for it, you can probably do it with the licenses funded by your institute or library (eg recognition of the IP number). This does not mean that the article is freely available.