Viewing deposits

Views of deposits

There are concise and detailed views of deposits. In a detail view, details about the authors and their laboratory can be displayed, and also the complete list of metadata in the record.

Files : deposited files + attachments
Identifiers : HAL identifier, DOI, PMID, etc.
Collections : lists the collections in which the deposit was stamped
Links : other deposits in HAL being linked to the displayed deposit (this entry field will filled, when depositing a file during the “summary/link resource” step.)
Citation : the way of citing this document
Exporting : various export formats are available
Sharing : by mail, tweets, social networks, etc.
Metrics : these are consultation and HAL upload statistics, with altmetric data on identifiers like DOI, arXiv, PubMed and ADS for the deposit (if they are available)

Possible actions

These are user-dependent, whether the user is logged on, and according to his/her privileges

Unlogged user : view the full record and the document full text when available, export the record (in BibTeX | XML | endNote | JSON formats), share it on various media (social networks, mail, etc.), and view the metric data.
Logged on user : “Add to my library” action button”. The system provides for pre-existing shelves for document classification. Users can create a new shelf.
Collection manage : stamp or destamp the listed deposit in/from one’s collection. If they manage several collections, users should first select the collection, and next stamp deposits.
Deposit owner : Edit the metadata, Add a file, Deposit a new version, Delete (only the record).
Portal administrator : Edit the metadata, add a file, Deposit a new version, and Delete (only the record, view Histories.