To report an erratum, you can add the file containing the erratum as an annex to the deposit describing the original document that is being corrected.

To provide more complete information to readers, you can also add the publication references of the erratum in the metadata (e.g. Comment field, or See also field for an url).

Another solution is to take advantage of the benefits of an open archive by uploading a file containing the full text of the document with embedded corrections (use Add a new version).

See Managing one’s deposit

Your article has been retracted but you had submitted the full text to HAL. To warn the readers, you can add a version to this deposit: the file can contain either the notice of retraction (example), or the full text of the article with the mention Retracted/Retracted (example).

To complete the information, we suggest you add the mention « Retracted » in the title field of the deposit.


The origine of the problem is your web browser, more precisely the Flash Player plugin.
If your are using Goggle Chrome, you need to go to Settings / Content Settings / Flash and display « Ask first » for Flash.

If your are using Mozilla Firefox, you need to go to Add-Ons / Plugins. Then look for « Shockwave Flash » change « Never Activate » to « Always Activate ».

Check that the metadata contains the IDs of your paper: arXivID, PMCID or DOI which allow to make the links.

If at least one of these IDs is present, and your record has just been put online, the program may have not processed your deposit yet. The script is processed every day for the records of the day before and those of the day, as well as once a week for the records of the previous month.

The lack of display may also be due to the time required for indexing.

HAL uses the OADOI service: check in their list of sources (excel file) if the platform on which your fulltext is available in open access is used by this service.

HAL uses the OADOI service and retrieves the URL provided by this service.
If the file does not match your paper, first check that the DOI present in the record metadata is correct, that is, the link on the publisher’s site points to your paper.
If the DOI is correct, the error must be corrected on the site hosting the file found by the OADOI service. You can locate the URL of the file by scrolling your mouse over the Open Access logo: the url appears at the bottom of your screen. This gives you informations that allow you to report this error to the hosting website or repository.