How to submit a book review ?

The document type Book review is a subtype of « Journal article ». Move the mouse over the arrow next to this document type to unfold the subtypes: you can select « Book review ». The publication date and the title of the journal are mandatory.

How to submit a blog article ?

To submit a blog post or article, the type of document to choose is « Scientific blog post ». The name of the blog and the publication date are mandatory. The content of the article must be a written article. For example, congress announcements and seminar programs are not accepted. It cannot be a publication on a […]

How to submit a simple bibliographic reference?

In order to submit a simple bibliographic reference (without full-text) you only need to click on one of the following step while you make a new submission. The first stage will be automatically validated and you just have to complete the metadata and the author(s) data. Please make sure that your submission is complete and […]

How to transfer my paper to arXiv?

To be entitled to the arXiv transfer feature, you must fulfil the following conditions with your deposit : a file is mandatory, English abstract, specific domains, no arXiv identifier. All LaTeX source files are to be deposited (do not forget the image files). It is recommended to use the LaTeX compilation button to check that […]

How can I add a PMID identifier in addition to my DOI identifier?

One document may contain several identifiers. Type in the identifier, select the identifier type, click on the plus button. By filling the Identifier field, you enable the automatic capture of the metadata associated to this identifier. The form will be filled by  the metadata.

Is it possible to add a JEL or ACM classification?

Yes, you can select the classification pertaining to the discipline. A JEL classification entry field is displayed if the field «  »Humanities and Social Sciences/Economies and finances » or “Quantitative Finance » have been selected An ACM classification entry field is displayed if the field « Computer Science » has been selected.